The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson "The girl with the dragon tattoo" has a quite interesting plot, though the storyline was bulky and slow. some episodes were not necessary and could have been avoided. but overall it was an original story. I kind of have an admiration for Lisbeth Salander. actually she is the embodiment of the strong woman who doesn't allow herself to be fooled twice, who faces life despite all the men, mainly Nils Bjurman, who made her miserable. indeed, she has other idiosyncrasies, which make her a rather unique and outstanding character but on the inside she incarnates a more complex individual. she has got an incredible intelligence and memory for instance. i understand that Stieg Larsson created Lisbeth based on traumatising events he himself has experienced and he wanted to condemn the ill-treatment of women through Lisbeth, which i believe is a laudable attempt. on the other hand you've got Mikael Blomkvist who i despise above all. he is the womanizer type and thus disgust me a lot. what was more aberrant was his relationship with Erika Berger. but anyways he was a very intuitive "detective" in the "Harriet Vanger" affair. concerning the latter, it was so predictable that poor Harriet was still alive. how naive of Henrik Vanger to jump to the conclusion that his niece was murdered when no evidence about her death was ever found. she disappeared so what? you lose hope of finding her alive? but i found it very daring from Harriet to just disappear to Australia for so many years without being discovered. when you've got a brother and a father like hers, her actions were understandable. besides, i think that the story should have come to a stop after the "Harriet Vanger" case because the book got quite boring afterward when all the focus was diverted to trapping Hans-Erik Wennerström. the storyline got dull to an extent i wanted to stop reading the book. but i finished it though and the ending was quite a "sad" one. poor Lisbeth!

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